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The archival sources here are posted with the permission of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust

Wilhelm Reich Biologist: Selected Bibliography [PDF]
Compiled by the author

Rediscovering Dr. Reich's
150x Microscope Objective
by Stephen Nagy
Autumn 2003

Reich Report (Trans.) [PDF]
A report on the biological experimental work at the Institute for Sexual Economic Life Research in Oslo, 1937

Reproduction as a Function of Sexuality [PDF]
by Wilhelm Reich, 1936

Dialectic Materialism in the Research of Life Presentation on the Bion-Experiments [PDF]
by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
A Presentation on the Bion-Experiments Held on May 1, 1937, in Conjunction with the Opening of the Participating Laboratory in Oslo

Observations on the Radiation Phenomena of SAPA Bions [PDF]
by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
March 10, 1939

"From the English Delegation"
Video of live cancer cells, their ameboid motion, and how that motion is halted abruptly by exposure to radium. Reich wrote about this in his diary on 20 November 1936, and it is discussed in Wilhelm Reich, Biologist on p.170 and on p.406 in note 88 (note: this is different than the film by Alexis Carrell, which is also mentioned).

Correspondence Between Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Roger DuTeil [PDF]

Correspondence Between Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Dr. W.F. Bon [PDF]

The Bion Experiments: On the Origin of Life
by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Laboratory Manual for Bion Experiments
Notes by a Laboratory Worker
Norway, February 1938
Available in English and German

Functionalism as It Relates
to the Autonomic Nervous System
by Chester M. Raphael, M.D.
Orgonon, July 1986

Experiments on the Natural
Organization of Protozoa
by Charles I. Oller, MD
Orgonon, August 1980

1937 Reichert Z Mikroskop Catalog [PDF]



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